A good looking lip is something that can easily make

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives for a speech at his Jerusalem office: Photo by GALI TIBBON/AFP via Getty ImagesOn Sunday Benjamin Netanyahu will become the first sitting prime minister in Israel’s history to stand trial, as he appears in court on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.After years of investigations and deliberations (and even a last minute delay due to the coronavirus pandemic), the opening session of Mr Netanyahu’s landmark trial will finally begin.The premier has been ordered to physically appear at the Jerusalem District Court for the session, which will no doubt draw intense media attention.He had unsuccessfully tried to argue that the presence of his five Cheap Jerseys free shipping bodyguards might violate Covid 19 social distancing measures.So how did Israel get here?It has been a long and bumpy journey which began with a police investigation launched around four years ago. Mr Netanyahu has from the start vehemently denied all wholesale jerseys from china charges.In February 2018, the Israeli police said there was sufficient evidence to lodge three cases against the premier labelled «1000″ «2000″ and «4000″.A year later Israel’s attorney general Avichai Mandelblit recommended that pending a pre trial hearing the prime minister be indicted for fraud and breach of trust across all three cases, with an additional count of bribery in «Case 4000″.It was tricky timing for Benjamin Netanyahu who labelled the process a «political witch hunt» spearheaded by his leftist opponents.The attorney general’s recommendation occurred just two months ahead of what would become the first of three inconclusive and extraordinary general elections.Campaigning under the shadow of indictment and battling a new centrist alliance spearheaded by his ex army chief Benny Gantz Mr Netanyahu was not able to sweep enough of the votes to build a majority coalition and stay in office.Since no one was able to form a government after the April vote, yet another election was called in September. The pre trial hearing was duly postponed to October to allow for both ballots.Just weeks before an unprecedented third election and as Mr Netanyahu was in Washington for the launch of Donald Trump’s long awaited Middle East peace plan, he changed his mind.

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